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Configured Kodi Download

Configured Kodi Download Free

Setting up Kodi (Xbmc) on the Raspberry Pi can take some time and effort. If you have not used Kodi much before, it can seem quite daunting at first. What we have done is to create a disc image for you that you can download and mount to your SD card, pop it in your Pi and your ready to go!

This free configured Kodi download is built with OpenElec (Pi 2 version), arguably the best Kodi experience on the Raspberry Pi.

It includes a compilation of all the best streaming addons for watching Movies, TV shows and Live TV. Also all the best repositories have been installed, so adding new addons is simple.

The advancedsettings.xml file has been modified for optimum performance.

We have done all the hard work for you!

Configured Kodi Download – What you will need

  • Minimum of 2GB micro SD card. A larger card is advisable but not essential. This configured Kodi download has been programmed to determine the remaining space of your card and use it as storage.
  • Win32 Disk Imager (Windows) or RPI SD Card Builder (Mac). Used for writing the image to your SD card. If you are unsure how to do this, then follow Setting Up Kodi on the Raspberry Pi. Instead of using the OpenELEC download, use the configured Kodi download. Win 32 Disk Imager can be found on the SourceForge website.
  • A Raspberry Pi 2

Below is a list of all the pre-installed Addons, Repositories, Skins and Programs included in the configured Kodi download.

Streaming Movie and TV Show Addons

These are a collection of the best Addons used to access streams of literally thousands of the best films and TV shows.

Some require a virtual private network (VPN), to be able to work correctly because of certain internet providers restrictions.  Don’t worry if you do not have one.  A huge amount of content can still be accessed without one using the other Addons. Another benefit of using a VPN that people like, is that it keeps all your activity private. See the Raspberry Pi VPN setup post for full instructions on how to enable the remaining plugins content.

Movies and TV Shows

  • Genesis
  • Zeus
  • PlayBox HD
  • Phoenix
  • Cartoon HD Extra (not just cartoons but films too)
  • ICE films (needs a VPN)
  • OneChannel (needs a VPN)
  • ProjectTV (need a VPN)

TV Catch up

  • BBC iplayer
  • ITV player (with no adverts)

Live TV

  • FilmOn (Live UK TV + more)
  • Simple IPTV client TV channels  (SKY and sports channels). A channel list has been added, but you may need to find a more recent one for more working channels.

Added Repositories

These are giant repositories that include an expansive collection of the individual repositories. This means that they have literally thousands of addons so you can be sure you will find what you need.

  • SuperRepo
  • Xfinity – Xunity
  • Zeus


  • MP3 Streams (Full Albums)
  • Radio Tunes (Internet Radio)
  • Vevo (Music Videos)


  • Amber Skin.  A Beautiful skin which enhances your experience. Please note, most tutorials and guides are using the default skin called Confluence. Some menu items are in a different place, but it is not difficult to get used to.  If you are having problems with any of the tutorials then it is easy to switch between the 2 skins in Settings-Appearance.


Amber Skin Videos

Also Included in the Configured Kodi Download

  • PIA for OpenELEC. An Easy set-up wizard for using a VPN from PIA (privateinternetaccess) under programs. Visit Raspberry Pi VPN Setup for a easy to follow tutorial to set this up.
  • NaviX Programme
  • Met Office Weather. Found under weather. You just need to change the City to match yours

Various Addons have been added to the Home Shelf under settings to allow you easy access from the home menu screen under Addons. Feel free to change these for others. You can also add Addons to favourites to make them show up in the same way under favourites in the menu.

If you have any requests for my next release please let me know.

Where do you find the Configured Kodi Download!?

Head over to the Download Page to download now!

16 thoughts on “Configured Kodi Download Free

  1. I am also having trouble with this. I have downloaded the image, used SD formatter and fat32formatter to format a 4GB card. Used win32 disk imager to mount hte image. When I put it into my Pi 2 I get nothing at all. Card is fine using berryboot or retropie so there is nothing wrong with the card. Any thoughts?

    1. Try using Win32 Disk Imager and ensure you format as Fat32 first. You will need to update OpenElec once up and running in the Opeelec settings. The addons will all update automatically.

    2. Sorry just noticed you said you have tried Win32 Disk Imager. It was fine when I tested it last and haven’t had many complains considering the amount of downloads. Is there just one partition on the SD card when you start?

      1. Hi Dan
        Yes there is only one partition on the card. I use the format size adjust option in sd formatter to ensure there is only one partition, then used fat32formatter to format as fat32. Used the Win32 Disk Imager and it writes fine but when I put the card into my Pi it will not boot at all. Any ideas?

        1. I’d try just formatting with Win32 when prompted, or just through Windows. That’s how I do it and haven’t encountered non booting.

          1. Hi Dan, thanks for the reply. I have done just that aslo, used windows to format the card and win32 to write the image. All I get on the Pi is one red light, one green light and nothing happens. I guess I am going to have to build it from scratch

          2. That is strange. Have you got any extra USB devices plugged into the Pi. If so remove to the bare essentials and try that.

          1. footnote: if you formatted your drive as fat32, you might have to add a “boot” flag to your formatted drive. im just guessing but worth a try

  2. I downloaded your file, formatted an 8g sd card
    extracted the file to a folder
    used win32diskimager to transfer the img to my sd card
    when I put the card in my raspberry pi
    I got the opening screen , the it rebooted ( in 15sec)
    and I get the openelec picture
    the screen goes black
    then goes blue
    and nothing happens
    what am i doing wrong here??
    thanks in advance

    1. Have you had any luck with this? Have you tried re-downloading the file. It could have been corrupt on the first download. Also what power supply are you using. If the plug is not supplying sufficient power then this could happen. I’m intending on updating the download soon and adding more to it. Although Kodi/openelec should automatically update everything once booted, it will be good to have a fresh up to date file.

      1. no success yet
        I wiped the card and reformatted it , I’m pretty sure the plug is ok because I have a build i did with berryBoot
        that runs Kodi, retropie and wheezy?
        a while ago i tried this download off of youtube a dual boot Created by Steve Smith ##
        RetroPie / OpenELEC (KODI) Dual Boot Image that would crash when the KODI would try to load
        but I have no problem with berry boot on a different card, and i tried running this with no USB
        I’ll try DL the file again and see what happens
        thanks for your time!!

  3. I tried again reDownloaded it to dropbox
    tried extracting that file to the sd card, that did nothing ( oh I formatted the SD card again ) so I formatted that and extracted the file to a folder and using win32Diskimager transferred that file to the sd card
    when I put the card in it begins and gets to the point where you need a reboot in 15 secs
    when it reboots I get the openElec image
    and instead of moving on i get a black screen then the raspberry pi stops sending out a vid signal
    screen goes blue …….and just stays there

    1. I will test my end and see what happens. It’s been a while since I have ran it myself. Haven’t had anyone else mention the same problem.

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