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How to Use Real Debrid with Kodi Xbmc

Real Debrid has become real popular recently, but a lot of people still ask what is Real Debrid and how do I use Real Debrid? Searching the internet can still leave you wondering what Real Debrid is and how you can benefit from it.

The spike in interest has a lot to do with people who use Real Debrid with Kodi (Xbmc).

After reading this article you should be up and running, and also understand the additional benefits on offer and how to use them.

What are the benefits when you use Real Debrid with Kodi?

When you want to use kodi to stream a TV programme or a movie using the numerous addons, you will have noticed that on some addons the list of available streams/sources are not always of the best quality. Some buffering frequently, or not starting at all. What Real Debrid does is supercharge the speed of some of those streams, meaning that they will start quicker and have no buffering at all once playing.

When a source is being supplied by Real Debrid, they will either show up in a different colour, have RD or REA by them or actually say Real Debrid next to them. It is not guaranteed that every film on every addon will have a RD link, but many do.

In order to take full advantage of Real Debrid. You are advised to use a VPN. In doing so you will get many many extra Real Debrid links when using certain addons like Genisis, Velocity and Salts etc, which use a variety of sources , some of which are normally blocked by your I.P provider. This includes Primewire, Icefilms, 123Movies, AFDAH, Zmovies and lots of others, many of which are supported by Real Debrid. It is not essential to have the VPN. It will still work without one, but you will get all the available sources and the full potential of Real Debrid.

Real Debrid Banner


Create a Real Debrid Account

The good news is, you can try out Real Debrid for free. They have what they call happy hours between 6am and 12pm (they say 12am on their site in error).

Creating an account is free and easy. Head over to the Real Debrid website here, or by clicking the banner above. Click on sign up at the top right. All you will be asked for is your language, a user name and a password. You will then be sent a confirmation email which you will need a link in it which you need to click.

If you want to go straight for a premium account without trying the happy hours, you will find this in the menu user premium. The prices are very reasonable. For ¢3 (about £2.30 or $3.38) you can purchase 15 days. The more cost effective way is to buy a larger time span, with the top end being 180 days for ¢16 (about £14 or $18). That works out at just ¢2.66 (about £2.33 a month or $3), for a whole month.

There are addition uses for Real Debrid other than using it with Kodi. To learn about these please see after the setup guide below.


Setting up Real Debrid in Kodi – Xbmc

Setting up Real Debrid is really easy. Most addons will work by using the simple steps below. A few kodi addons requires setting up within the individual addon before they will use Real Debrid, which will be explained after.

1: Start by selecting Settings under System on the main menu

Use Real Debrid Step 1

2: Then move down to Add-ons

Use Real Debrid Step 2

3: On the next screen choose System at the bottom

Use Real Debrid Step 3

4: Then Dependencies

Use Real Debrid Step 4

5: Near the bottom of the next menu select URLResolver

Use Real Debrid Step 5

6: Then Configure

Use Real Debrid Step 6

7: On the top menu move over to the tab that says Universal ResolversScroll down to Real-Debrid. All you need to do here is set priority to 90 and turn Enabled and I have a Real Debrid Account on.

Use Real Debrid Step 7

When you click on a link that is powered by Real Debrid within an addon for the first time, you will be presented with a popup with a code on it asking you to go to

You need to open this link in a browser and enter the code given, then click on allow. You will only be asked to do this once per device.

Real Debrid Authorization

That is all you need to do for the main part of the Kodi setup, so you can use Real Debrid.


Setting up Real Debrid in Genesis – Xbmc

A few addons require a different setup in order to use Real Debrid. Most are happy with just the settings above.

For the example below you are shown how to add Real Debrid to Genisis. If an addon requires you to setup Real Debrid separately, the process will be very similar.

From the main menu select Settings > Add-ons > My Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Genesis.

Real Debrid Genisis Step 5

You then need to select Configure and you will be presented with the screen below. Move over to Accounts, and scroll down until you see RealDebrid.

Here you will need to add the user name and password you used when signing up for Real Debrid.

Real Debrid Genisis Step 6

You will now be able to use Real Debrid when choosing a stream within Genesis.


Can I Use Real Debrid with more than one device?

You will need to be careful when using your Real Debrid account. You can get banned if you break their rules after a few warnings.

As long as you follow the points below you will be fine.

  • Use as many devices as you like as long as it is behind the same router.
  • You can use your account at a different locations outside your home, just make sure that if you are doing this you only use one device at a time

Can you use a VPN with Real Debrid?

As mentioned earlier, using a VPN along side Real Debrid will give you the most sources possible.

When you use a VPN your I.P address will change. You do not have to worry about Real Debrid thinking that you are sharing your account and resulting in a ban if you use the right ones. They have white listed numerous VPN providers I.P addresses. PIA is on the list for certain. If you use your VPN and get a warning about delicate use, you can contact their support and ask them to white list your VPN’s I.P address’s.

To see the other benefits of having a VPN and for a guide on how to add them, head over to Kodi VPN setup.


How to use Real Debrid’s Unrestricted Downloads

Having a Real Debrid accounts comes with other benefits in the form of Unrestricted Downloads. What this means is that you will be able to download files at the top of your download speed.

If you stumble across any downloads from any of the hosters listed below. Instead of waiting for timers or downloading at reduced speeds. You are able to right click copy a link and paste it into the download box on the download part in the menu on the Real Debrid website.

Click on Unrestrict my links and you will be presented with a button to click to download from their servers at high speed.

There are a few Chrome and Firefox Plugins that can make the process even easier. With these installed you can right click a link and unrestrict the download straight from where you found the link.

Here is the official Real Debrid Chrome extension, and a third party one by JDevlieghere. Here is the Firefox Real Debrid extension.

Real Debrid unrestricted Download Page


List of Supported Hosters for Real Debrid

Real Debrid Website
Here is a full list of hosters at time of publish. Now and again a few hosters become unavailable, but this does not last long.

To sign up to all these cloud upload sites would costs you lots. With Real Debrid you can download from all of them as if you had a premium accounts with each of them.

1Fichier, 24 Uploading, 2Shared, 4Shared, AllMyVideos, Anafile, Canal/D8tv (Replay),
ClicknUpload, Cloudtime / DivxStage, Dailymotion, DataFileHost,, Depfile,Dl.Free
Easybytez, Exashare, Extmatrix, FastStore, FileFactory, Fileflyer, Filero, Filesflash, Gigapeta
HugeFiles, Hulkshare, Kingfiles, Letibit,, Mediafire, Mega, Megashares, MovShare / WholeCloud
Novamov / Auroravid, NowDownload, NowVideo, Oboom, Openload, Ozofiles, Purevid, RadioTunes / SkyFM
RapidGator, Redtube, Rutube, Salefiles, Scribd, Sendspace, ShareFlare, SoundCloud, Speedyshare, TheVideo
Turbobit, Tusfiles, Ulozto, Unibytes, Uplea,, Uploadable, UploadC, Uploaded, Uploadrocket, UploadX
Uptobox, Userscloud, Videoweed / BitVID, Vimeo, Vip-File,, Youporn, Youtube, YouWatch, Yunfile

How to find files to download Real Debrid Hosters

To find the files are easier on some than others. Some you will find download links on random sites that you happen to land on who host there files on one of the services. There are various sites like that help you search google for wanted downloads from lots of hosters . Others like 4shared have actual search bars to find files uploaded to their site.


How to use Real Debrid’s Unrestricted Torrent Files

You can also download torrent files using real debrid’s servers. This makes downloading them  more secure, anonymous and faster that normal. It is done in the same kind of way that the other downloads are done.

Start by choosing Torrent from the Top menu. If you have a .torrent file on your computer, you can click in the left hand box and upload it which will then generate a download button to download to your computer at top speed. You can also do this using a Magnet Link by pasting the link in the right hand box.

The Chrome and Firefox extensions should be compatible with the magnet links so you can activate straight from the source page.

Real Debrid unrestricted Torrents Page


Real Debrid Player

You can even stream videos in the Real Debrid player. All the files that you have downloaded in the past can be found under the Download section of the menu. On the right you will see a + Useful Links. Click the plus and then My Downloads. Here you will find a complete lists of downloads which includes streams started in Kodi (even if not completely watched), and any other downloads made. Next to the names you will see a little streaming icon. By clicking this it will open up the Real Debrid Player and stream it live from their servers without re-downloading it.


Real Debrid Download Managers

You can use Real Debrid with various download managers such as Jdownloader. Be sure to add your Real Debrid account details under Account Manager to add all the benefits of your download manager such as stoping and starting downloads, auto extracting and bandwidth limitations.

JDownloader Real Debrid


6 thoughts on “How to Use Real Debrid with Kodi Xbmc

  1. Just a note for everyone, many ISPs in the U.S. severely throttle Real-Debrid during prime usage times; I know that Comcast (Xfinity) for sure does, but here’s where a VPN is perfect. Kodi + U.S. ISP + VPN = Perfect!!!

      1. Depends on what your internet provider blocks and what you want to do, as in which plugins you use. Also the added benefit of being anonymous.

        1. I have brighthouse for isp. Real debrid seems more congested or doesn’t work as well during peak hours. From maybe 8-11? I mean how would I even know if I would need a vpn or if it’s the isp that’s the problem

  2. Sounds like what Dave F is saying about your ISP throttling your speeds during certain hours. Real Debris themselves would not do that. On there website you can also see their server load which is never full. I think a VPN should help you. It helped Dave.

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