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Kodi Beginners Guide

Kodi Beginners Guide – XBMC

Kodi / XBMC is a great piece of software. Its main purpose is entertainment. Playback of Music, live TV and on demand TV shows and Movies are its greatest features. This can be your own digital collection, or streamed straight from the internet. Kodi is available for many devices such as Raspberry Pi’s, PC’s and Andriod box’s. Even devices that are not originally thought of for being used for Kodi, there are ways of installing the software. Examples of this is the Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire Box and Apple TV 2.

Desktop and laptops are probably the easiest to set up and configure, but most people do not have these connected to their main TV. This is where the Raspberry Pi comes in. Not only is it cheap to buy, cheap to run and small. It is also powerful enough for a smooth enjoyable experience. Also the benefit of owning a Raspberry Pi is that just by switching the micro SD card, it can be used for many other things such as surveillance, robotics and retro game emulation.

Some people use Andriod boxes to run Kodi / XBMC. These are good and you can have numerous applications on it at the same time, which also streams content and play games etc. Andriod boxes are normally more expensive and not as versatile as the Raspberry Pi. Some can be difficult to update and become buggy. At the end of the day it all comes down to preference. As a standalone Kodi player I personally would go for the Raspberry Pi 2. It has operating systems made especially for the purpose of running Kodi and therefore all available resources are used for it.

Raspberry Pi in case - Kodi beginners guide

Apple Tv Image -Kodi beginners guide







This Kodi beginners guide is to show you the best order to follow the posts on this site in order to get up and running. It is specialized for the Raspberry Pi, but most guides/tutorials are equally relevant to any device you are using.


Chromecast_dongle - Kodi beginners guide

Kodi Beginners Guide – Setup Order

This is the order for which is best to follow to learn how to setup the Raspberry Pi (or other device). If you are using a different device ensure that you download the correct version of OpenElec or check your devices App store for a Kodi / XBMC release. Then start from step 3 of this Kodi beginners guide.

  1. Raspberry Pi Guide Introduction
  2. Setting Up Kodi on the Raspberry Pi
  3. Controlling Kodi on the Raspberry Pi
  4. Kodi Repositories – What they are and how to use them
  5. Superrepo Kodi (xbmc) – How to setup
  6. Installing Kodi Addons 10 Easy Steps

These are the links that make up the Kodi beginners guide to get you to the point of usability. Be sure to check out the other posts for more features such as live TV and setting up a VPN to get the most from Kodi.

Kodi Beginners Guide – Useful Links

If you need help in anyway with Kodi, please leave a comment and we will do our utmost to help you out.


4 thoughts on “Kodi Beginners Guide – XBMC

  1. hello I have kodi on a amazon fire stick ,I’ve had it for about 4 months and its been working great but one by one I’ve started to lose channels , what is the best way to get them back , this is all new to me so don’t know all the technical terms , I’ve heard about a vpn witch I think is paying for it, I don’t mind doing this but not sure how to go about it
    mr rb

    1. Hi Robert, when you say losing channels, do you mean from a m3u list? A VPN is always good to have. To unblocks any restrictions put in place by your service provider and makes you anonymous at the same time. This may not be the reason that you are losing channels though if your using m3u lists that are on the Internet. Many links get taken down so it is only as reliable as the host that is maintaining the list. Paid ones are more reliable.

      1. hello dan thanks for your reply , I keep getting no stream available on a lot of the apps when I search and some of the apps just don’t work anymore it just says check log (I don’t know what this means)

        1. This can happen with some addons. Using a VPN may solve some of the streams working if the sites that the addon is scrapping from is added to your internet providers block list. It could also be that the source is no longer there. Good addons keep dead links to as little as they can. The Kodi scene is constantly changing, some addons that were once reliable have been replaced with others. Maybe time to find some new reliable ones. Generally you should be able to find any TV show or film without to much trouble. Live streams are harder to find reliable sources, with live sport being the most difficult. If you do want to try a VPN using the Fire Stick, you will probably have to put the VPN straight on your router if it is the kind that can support this. As far as I am aware the Fire Stick does not support VPN natively.

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