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Raspberry Pi Guide

Raspberry Pi Guide Introduction

The Raspberry Pi was released back in 2012 with the intention of helping children in schools to learn basic coding skills.  Because of the low cost and the specification of the Pi, it has sold over five million units to date.  Although many of these have been to schools, many have also been brought by Raspberry Pi enthusiasts looking to use them for many other reasons other than to learn code.

The Raspberry Pi can be used for many things including a retro games emulator, cloud server, bit torrent server, personal computer, robotics, surveillance, the list goes on and on. This website is aimed at how the pi can be turned into a media centre for your living room!

Where to buy Raspberry Pi

The main places to buy your Pi from are:

Both have manufacturing agreements, and have produced all the Pi’s apart from in China and Taiwan, where Ecoman produce them.

Prices range from around £24 to £26.  Which I think you will agree is an amazing price for what the Pi can do.

There has been 5 models to date. The Model A, Model A+, Model B, Model B+ and the Model B 2.

Raspberry Pi Guide & Kodi

You may be wondering why the website is called Kodi Pi Guide and not the Raspberry Pi Guide.  This is because Kodi previously known as Xbmc, is the great piece of software which turns you Raspberry Pi into your very own home media centre.

Some Raspberry Pi Guide’s are outdated and are over technical.  This website will show you the most direct quickest and  easiest way to get the job done, as well as some of the more involved techniques.

The previous Pi’s were capable of of running Kodi/XBMC, but the Raspberry Pi Model B2 is perfect for it due to the increased RAM and processing power.  It boasts twice as much RAM memory than the previous Model B +, and 6x more processing power thanks to it’s quad core processor.

This website is dedicated to running Kodi on you Raspberry Pi.  It will cover tutorials on how to set up all your addons, how to configure your Pi for optimum performance.  Feature reviews on just about everything from the latest hardware and software. It will also have other posts on other cool things you can do with your Pi like turning it in to a Retro games machine.

Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Guide for all things Kodi. Welcome to

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    1. Yes defiantly. it has a 6 x faster (Quad) processor over it’s predecessor, and twice as much memory. This ensures it runs Kodi- xbmc with ease.

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