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Setup VPN for OpenElec Addon

For those of you using a VPN with MetalKettle’s addon PIA for OpenElec, you would have noticed that it has stopped working since the upgrade to OpenElec 6.0. Fear not there is now a new improved addon called VPN for OpenElec in MetalKettle’s Repository. This guide will show you how to setup VPN for OpenElec using PIA.

Before Setup VPN for OpenElec

Please note: For an alternative Add-on to use please head over to the VPN Manager page. Although you can still carry on with the method. It will still work.

Before you setup VPN for OpenElec, ensure you have the latest version of OpenElec installed.  This can be done through the menu of a current version, or downloading the files from the OpenElec website, and flashing a fresh install to your SD card. As of writing, the latest version is 6.0. If you are unsure how to do this, please see this previous post for setting up kodi.

The VPN for OpenElec Addon can be found within Superrepo, but it is better to install the Metalkettle repository. The Metalkettle repo can be added the same way as Superrepo. The file source you need to add is instead of 

You will also need to add the OpenVPN addon, which can be found in the Unofficial OpenElec repo.  By default the unofficial OpenElec repo is not installed. It can be found within the Openelec official repository named unofficial repo.

Setup VPN for OpenElec

Once you have added OpenVPN, you need to install the VPN for OpenElec addon from the MetalKettle repository.

1. Select System from the main menu

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 1


2. Select Addons

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 2


3. On the next screen choose Install from repository

Setup VPN on OpenElec Step 3


4. Next select the MetalKettles Addon Repository

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 4


5. Look under Program add-ons

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 5


6. There you will find the addon VPN for OpenElec. Select

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 6


7. Next select Install 

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 7


8. Once Installed, go back to the main menu and look under Programs

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 8


9. Select VPN for OpenElec

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 9


10. Next choose Setup VPN Provider

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 10


11. Here you are faced with 3 options. Private Internet Access is the tried and tested one.  The other 2 do not support Linux at the moment. If you are using a Raspberry Pi or a WeTek box then you will need to choose Private Internet Access. If you already have an account you can jump to Step 12. below.

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 11


In order to proceed further, you will need a PIA account.  If you have not got one already head over to the Private Internet Access website from this link to sign up for an account. The yearly subscription is the best value at only $3.33 an month. More information can be found on my here.

Once you have your login details go to and click on Client Login. (Changed from picture)

PIA Client Support

The details you need for the addon in Kodi is not the one you log into the client login with. Once logged in you should be on the client control panel. Scroll down and you will see a section titled PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS Username and Password (Optional).

Here you will find the required User and Password to setup VPN for OpenElec.


12. Select continue from the popup

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 12


13. Enter your PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS Username as mentioned above and select done. Be careful, it is case sensitive

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 13


14. The next screen to appear requires your PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS password. Enter it in

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 14


15. Once done you will be shown a setup complete popup. Select OK

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 15


16. Go back a screen and select Configure VPN Provider

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 16


17. If all has gone well you should now have a list of all the VPN gateways from all around the world. Choose your required one remembering that the further away the gateway is, the more likely that it will be slower

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 17


18. You should now have a screen telling you that you are connected. Select VPN Status to check that it has worked

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 18


19. Where it says Your IP Address it should be different to your I.P address and have the selected country next to it

Setup VPN for OpenElec Step 19


Setup VPN for OpenElec – Known Issues and tips

  • If you find that you I.P address is not changing then try a reboot.
  • Some users have reported that in order to get the addon working they had to do a clean install of OpenElec/Kodi. This is sure to fix any issues but is not normally needed.
  • You can get the VPN for OpenElec addon to automatically connect at start up. How you do this is to push the options button when on the gateway list and then select the option.



151 thoughts on “Setup VPN for OpenElec Addon

  1. Great instructions but am wondering if anyone has an error when they “Setup Private Internet Access?”

    Log files kind of point to lack of files in certain locations.

    Uninstall, install still did not fix this.


    1. I have not encountered these errors. Does any of the locations work? Have you installed OpenVPN? If none of them work then a clean install of the latest Openelec is recommended, rather than an upgrade. This has been reported to fix errors.

  2. Did a clean install of openelec but continue to have an error when I click on ‘Setup private internet acces’. Can anyone help me?

      1. I also get the same error as Ruben and yes I installed and am using VPN for OpenElec addon and also OpenVPN. I am trying to do this using LibreELEC rather than OpenELEC. Does that make a difference? Thanks.

    1. I also get s ‘script failed’ error..have open vpn and vpn for openelec installed but I am on an older build as the current ones don’t support my h\w

      1. By chance is there a step by step on you tube or elsewhere where I could use VPN PIA which I already subscribe to on my fire stick that I have on kodi installed on. I have ES File Explorer installed on my stick and my router is from my cable company which I’m not sure has anything to do with. I keep getting Openelec rpi config error.

      2. I get the same message. What do you mean that is how it is supposed to be? Does this mean that its ready for use and nothing more needs to be done?

        1. If it says it hasn’t a clue what your IP address is then it is tunnelling through the VPN. To make sure disconnect and it will say your true IP, then connect again. Sometimes on a reboot you may need to disconnect and reconnect again to kick start the VPN.

  3. The version of OpenELEC you are using is important. Above it states you should be installing or upgrading to 6.0.0 (or 6.0.1). I kept getting error messages trying to install on earlier versions…when I upgraded, the VPN install went smoothly and is now working.

    1. Good point, always install the latest version of Openelec. If an addon is frequently updated then it will be more likely to be comparable with the latest version.

  4. Installed perfectly, however the speed drop is huge … from 85 Mbs down to 18 Mbs. What is causing the drop?

    By dd-wrt router, which has less memory and a slow processor was doing the same thing until I changed tunneling from UDP to TCP. Is there any such change in OpenElec that can correct this loss?

    1. Not to sure about this. Have you tested different gateways to see if there are any speed differences? The countries closer to you should give the best speeds. I’ll look into the TCP thing.

      1. I no longer think it’s the UDP/TCP tunnel, however I can’t imagine why d/l speeds would drop from 85 to 18. Do you see that kind of drop?

          1. Just checking that I will be using the same to test with. Will let you know the results as soon as I can.

          2. It is normal to have a drop in speed when using a VPN. When testing the speed with, it uses the closest server to where the VPN gateway is, as apposed to the server closest to your actual location. I should think that this would reduce the result, but would not expect it to be by as much. As long as the speed is fast enough to stream video then it is probably best not to worry about it to much. When doing the same test on a laptop outside the OpenElec environment using the same VPN it gives higher results. It could be that the Kodi addon is not giving true results? Or the way Kodi handles open VPN.

          3. hmmmm, OE 6.0.3 on my x86 machine and the same Kodi VPN add-on goes from 85 to 82 using the same PIA and servers. Using a router with a slower ARM processor and 1/4 the memory of the Pi2 and with OpenVPN built in, and using the same PIA account, PIA and servers, it goes from 85 to 78.

            I monitored the Pi2’s CPU and memory usage and found the CPU never reached 50% and the memory usage stayed low. So it seems to be some other problem. I guess I just need to experiment more.

  5. Hi i am on openelec 6.0.3 with Kodi 15.2 have set up pia from metalkettle but when enter pasword etc and connect , check my ip it shows your ip address is xxxxxxx (actually we haven`t a clue. ) what is all this so i dont know where i am connected.

  6. Update
    I am on pia when i connect to say Germany it shows vpn for openelec
    you are now connected to Germany, when i press vpn status, it says your ip address is xx.xx.xx.xx )…actually we havent a clue).

    1. Hi Tess, the if you disconnect from the VPN at the top of the list, and then select VPN status. It should say you are connected to your home country and show your actual IP address. The idea is if you choose any of the VPN gateways, then the IP address should change to a different one. This means that you are now anonymous and have unblocked any restrictions that your Internet provider has put in place (plus all the other added benefits). Geo blocking will also be restricted and you can stream all active links.

      1. FYI – The CPU of the Pi2 is very limited and will bottle neck quickly under VPN load.

        RPi3 info: I updated my Pi2 to Openelec 6.0.3 then installed the Micro SD card into the Pi3 … works perfectly. What I am most happy about is the PIA VPN performance of the Pi3. My Pi2 was bottle necked doing large file transfers. My internet speed is 85 Mbs, but the Pi2 would top out at 18 Mbs under VPN load. With the Pi3 I get a constant 44 Mbs under load. VERY HAPPY!

  7. Hi, great instructions, unfortunately I’m a newbie and am having trouble. I’m stuck at step 12, I don’t get “click continue to enter your account details’, I get “VPN for OpenElec error, check log for details”. I can’t get beyond this, I used Metal Kettle repo (v1.7.1), I have VPN for OpenElect (v1.0.15), and Open Vpn (v6.0.0). My system is an MBX XB-1 box, running Android 4.4.2, and Kodi 15.2. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Lynne, the problem you have is that VPN for OpenElec is just that. OpenElec is the operating system that is needed, and not Andriod. I’m not that clued up on the MBX XB, but know there are various ways to add a VPN to Adriod. Just won’t work with this addon sorry!

  8. I’ve been concerned with the d/l speed loss when using the PIA VPN on my OpenElec (6.0.3) Raspberry Pi’s … so I did some testing.

    The below graph will show the VPN affects on my 85 Mbit service. You will see that raw speed greatly decreases once the VPN is switched on an encrypted. This would be due to the PI’s processor limitations and speed and it will show that the Pi3’s processor handles the encrypted math much better than the Pi2. You will also see that once the VPN is switched to non-encrypted the speed jumps way up with only a few percentage points drop on the Pi3 … and this would be due to the processor not have to do the encryption math.

    Please note that I didn’t figure out how to non-encrypt the VPN until after I set up my new Pi3, but I think we can assume a non-encrypted Pi2 speed in the 40-45 Mbit range.

    Bottom line, I am very pleased with the results of the Pi3 and I can run either encrypted or non-encrypted and have great performance.

    Here’s a link to the graph:

    1. Great work Dave, thanks for sharing this information with us. I also have the new Pi3 and am very happy with it. With that said though I was happy with the Pi2. The drop in speed was still enough to stream video, but not to great for things like torrents. What a jump with a 57% increase in the speed of encrypted data.

  9. Hi Dan
    set up vpn when i ask for vpn status it says
    Your ip address (…actually we havent a clue.) is this correct should it say what it says in brackets ?.

    1. Yes it should say: Your ip address (…actually we havent a clue.) it has said this since the last update. What it means is that is what your I.P is showing as, but no one has a clue what your real one will be.

  10. Hi Dan.

    I have followed this guide with a fresh open elec 6.0.3
    I can connect fine, but I still have the same ip regardless.
    Tried a restart. I have open Vpn for open elec installed as well.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  11. WHen I go to “install from repository” to try to get OpenVPN from the OpenOLEC Add-ons (unofficial) – when I click on the repository nothing happens – its the only repository that wont open for me. Is there any reason why this may be?

  12. Hi
    Thanks for your tutorial.It worked well.When I connect to any vpn gateway I always get the vpn status giving the same ip address which is different to mine but always the same address(it also gives location as Manchester). Does this sound correct?

    1. You should get a different I.P address for each country. If the I.P address is different from yours, then it looks like the VPN is working but for some reason it is not switching. Try uninstalling and rebooting etc. Also click on disconnect before choosing a different gateway. Let us know how you get on.

  13. I have a PIA account. Setup VPN for OpenELEC with username and password. I can connect to servers (green), but when I check my IP, it still is my original one with the bracket (..we don´t have a clue). Done setup several times without success. Any ideas?

      1. Yes to both. Now it shows my real IP and in brackets (Hamburg,Germany). I use the PPTP password from PIA. Connected to…. is green. But this was also happening, when using a fictive username and password.

  14. Thanks Dan
    I tried a reinstall and a reboot and I am now getting a different IP address for each country.Many thanks

  15. When I click disconnect from vpn and then check my vpn status it shows my IP address and then says … Actually we haven’t a clue). So guessing this is what it says when I’m NOT connected.

    Then I go and connect to us-east and it will say connected in green and when I check Vpn status now it shows a new random IP address with random city and state.
    So this would make me believe I’m now properly connected.

    So my question is when I reboot/start my pi2 and go right to Vpn status it goes back to showing my IP address is previously showed saying we haven’t a clue. Which makes me think I have to reconnect to the server again. So I click us east and check status and now I get a new random ip and another random us city and state (and it doesn’t say we haven’t a clue)

    is there any way to have it auto start and connect to the us-east server when the pi boots? I noticed that in the vpn status it says “auto start set to none” so that would make me think there’s a way to have it auto start and connect.


    1. When you disconnect and it gives you a I.P address with “Actually we haven’t a clue”, that is your external I.P address. You can Check this from any computer by googling what your I.P is to make sure. I do not know why MetalKettle has added the phrase in as it confuses people. When you connect to a gateway and the location and I.P address changes, the VPN is active. When I last tested I had trouble with the autostart, but it may be fixed now. I will test it tonight and let you know. Depending on what remote you are using you need to push the button to get the contextual menu up when on the gateway you wish to autostart. It is “C” on a keyboard and sometimes “guide” on a remote. Hope this helps. Will get back to you soon to let you know if this function is now working as it should.

  16. Awesome thanks Dan. I’ll try the C key. I have the pi keyboard that is curved at the bottom and small (terrible unresponsive) touch pad at the top center. But it lights up so I put up with the terrible touch pad 🙂
    So it sounds like you confirmed that when I boot and it goes back to showing my IP address I need to reconnect again. Hopefully auto start works so I don’t have to connect every time I turn on my pi2.
    I’ll try it out tonight.
    Thanks for the help and your quick reply.

  17. Hi Dan,

    Many thanks for the setup guide. Have hit a few issues with setting up the VPN within Kodi so please bear with me.

    The kit am using: M8S+ Amlogic S812 Quad Core Cortex A9r4 2GHz CPU, Octo-core Mali-450MP GPU up to 600MHz GPU running on Android Lollipop 5.1.1

    Steps I have carried out:

    1. Launched the pre-installed Kodi instance on the M8S+
    2. Added the SuperRepo and Metal Kettle repositories.
    3. Followed instructions to add OpenVPN addon – completed
    4. Followed instructions to Setup VPN for OpenElec
    5. Issue at Step 10: When Selecting Setup VPN Provider
    6. Selected Setup VPN Provider however I did not get any listed providers as suggested in Step 11.

    7. Following this, I decided to run through the steps again and noticed your comment about ensuring OpenElec needs to be installed.
    8. I therefore installed via SD Card, “OpenELEC-Amlogic.arm-M8SPlus-6.0.0-update”
    9. This successfully loaded and replaced the existing ROM on the M8S+
    10. OpenElec wizard runs
    11. Issue: When asked to select Networks for Connectivity, no wireless or hardwire connections came up.
    1. Feel there is a fault with the ROM I have on the M8S+?
    12. Any ideas on what to do next?

    1. Hi Bam, a little hard to say exactly as I have not tested on a M8s+. Your correct that you need to use OpenElec to get the addon working. Are you running OpenElec by itself? Have you got an Ethernet cable plugged in? Sounds like a driver issue.

      1. Hey Dan,

        thanks for the quick response. When you say am I running OpenElec itself, what do you mean?

        If you mean there is nothing else on my M8S+ apart from the OpenElec build then yes, that’s it nothing else. When powered up, OpenElec straightway launches followed by Kodi.

        I do think it’s a driver issue as well.


    2. Please see this forum. All few people with similar problems to what you have.

      Because it is a modified version of OpenElec you are using, it is more prone to bugs.

      One person on the forum suggests doing a factory reset. That fixed it for him. Others say that the hardware varies between boxes so only certain OE builds work correctly.

      The problem you may have is that if the build is to old the VPN for OpenElec addon may no longer support it.

      Hope this helps and you resolve your issues. Let us know.

  18. Worked great however I don’t totally understand how to connect automatically. You said to select the option button when the gateway list, but I don’t see an options button anywhere? Any help advice would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi, it’s called the contextual menu. It can be accessed with a C on a keyboard. Sometimes it is the guide button on a remote, but it does depend on which remote you are using.

  19. Hi dan,
    I’ve tried all the suggestions but when I change to any server destination and check Vpn status it never changes, I’m using a Prometheus. Any ideas? Thanks

  20. Where can I find the OPENELEC add on for kodi 16.0 running on a firestick? I have tried everything. I have VPN for OPENELEC that gets me to PIA setup, but when I click on that it says VPN OPENELEC error. I am lost and getting frustrated.


  21. Hi, great guide, works great, but I have discovered that it does not work with Openelec 7 betas. Just wondering if it’s being worked on at all or if there’s a known fix. If I downgrade back to 6.0.3 it works again.

  22. Hi. So using Openelec 6.0.3 on Pi2. Installed latest OpenVPN and VPN for Openelec. Configured PIA by using the generated username and password. All good. Check VPN status BEFORE connecting and I get 109.148 etc etc with ‘havent got a clue’ message. Then I connect to the server and it goes green and says connected. All good. However with all connections I get the same IP address and ‘haven’t got a clue’ message. I know it’s not working as I dont have access to stuff that I should be able to through a VPN.

    I have also rebooted.

    Can I have help please :_

      1. That was a quick response – thanks!

        Oh if it only it were that simple. Nope – same VPN status. I have subscribed to PIA purely for the ‘ease’ of configuration for Openelec. If I cant get this to work I dont know who to use next!

        1. When you click disconnect, does it the show your true IP under status? Did you do a clean install if OpenElec or was it updated from an old version? I have heard of a few people having problems when upgrading from 5.

  23. So I’m clear. VPN for OE is 1.0.15 and OpenVPN is 6.0.1.

    Also I assume if it says connected in greeen then it’s not a PIA username/password issue.

  24. No – it shows the same IP address 109.148 etc etc.

    It was an upgrade for 5. I was really hoping to avoid a total reinstall. Especially as knowing my luck it will still have a problem!

    1. Unfortunately this may be the problem. It is not always the case but some users did report that an upgrade from 5 caused them problems and was able to fix with a clean install of 6.x. I would suggest using a spare micro SD card to flash a new image on to just test it. That way if it’s not the answer then you still have you install intact on the other. You could also try LibrElec the new spin off of OpenElec. A lot of the developers have jumped ship and created LibrElec. OpenElec will carry on though. It can be upgraded from OpenElec by dropping the update files in the right folder and rebooting. I have yet to test LibrElec, so the first option is probably the best for now.

      1. Ok so clean install and it works (at least it says it does). Problem is nothing that should work when behind a VPN works. Is there a way of double checking? Under system/system info it still says my IP address.

        1. I’m in the UK and use Virgin Internet. They have blocked Prinewire aka Onechannel. I test it with that . If it’s working you will get streams, if not then I don’t. Which country do you live in and who’s your ISP?

  25. Ola,
    Its not stable, i had setup right like you descrive.
    But when i restart de my raspbarry it forget every thing and have to add the logins Again.
    Also had autostart on.

    I am looking for a good stable addon for vpn, don’t matter witch provider, that keeps working and remeber my login etc.

    Thnx in advanced

    1. If you go to configure VPN provider instead of setup VPN provider then you should not have to re-enter any details. I have it working as described on a Raspberry Pi and a Wetek box. Auto start can be temperamental. If your modem supports it you can always install it on there which will always stay on. Have a look on the PIA website to see how to do this. I think the VPN for OpenElec addon is the easiest way to use a VPN on an OpenElec system.

      1. Thats the weird thing, i go to configure setup provider and set there a location, the ip will not change.
        Till i set my login and pasword iT will work only again till i restart/shutdown raspbarry and iT then won’t work.
        So in my case i have to login every time i reboot and shutdown de respbarry.

          1. That is odd. I haven’t heard of anyone with your specific problem. What version of OpenElec are you using?

          2. I’m not to certain of Kaosbox. Is that a modified version of OpenElec, or just the repository you use? If the first that may be the problem?

          3. No modified version of Openelec.

            Its kodi Openlec version with sources preinstalled .

            I Will reainstall it.

            Can i make my ocsm ( its more easy for me to install) to Openlec with kind a addon?

            Thnx for youre time btw

          4. If your using OSMC then Brian Hornsby method works. Be aware it is a bit more of a complicated method. Google it and be careful of the steps that you are using the right folder. For example home/pi/ folder will be /home/osmc etc.

  26. I follow your instructions and everything seems oké, but I can reache my pi with ssh with my origine ip adress and I see that adress in the system information. So I doubt of VPN works well.
    Please advise.

    1. It’s your external I.P address that changes with a VPN. The I.P address that by default start with etc are internal addresses on your home network. These are not what anything outside your network will see.

  27. Oké, thank you for quick reply. Is there a ssh command or addon so I can verify the external I.P. address?
    Thnx for your time!

  28. Dan,

    I have Kodi running on Android 5.1.0 but have been unable to install PIA VPN which requires OpenELEC in order to work. Plz walk me through the basics in order to install this program. I have a fires tick.

    1. OpenElec is an operating system like Andriod is. The VPN for OpenElec will not work on Andriod. I am looking to get a post up to show people how to use a VPN with Andriod in the not so far future. PIA works with many devices but is harder to implement on Andriod sticks/boxes. Some routers support VPN’s. If yours does you could install it on there instead.

    2. Saying that there is a PIA Andriod app. If you load this on and set it up outside of Kodi it should work. If you try it, let us know how it goes.

      1. Hi Dan,

        I have just installed VPN for OpenELEC onto my Wetek Play. I had first made a clean Nand installation of LibreELEC 7.0.2
        I also installed OpenVPN from the metalkettle repo.
        The programme configured to my PIA credentials fine and on the configure VPN Provider tab it lets me select the country and finally displays a banner saying I am connected to the country I’ve selected, however, even though it shows ‘connected’ in the country list, when I click on status it just shows my home IP address and when I try to access geo blocked sites they block me.
        I am running the latest OpenELEC version and have repeatedly rebooted but it won’t work….any ideas what I might try next??

        1. That is strange Colin. At the Top of the list they is Disconnect. Try choosing that then try a different gateway. I know you have done a restart, but I vaguely remember having a similar issue and that helping. Let me know if it helps or not and if it didn’t then we can try some other troubleshooting.

          1. Thanks for your quick reply Dan,

            I actually already tried disconnecting on the list but it made no difference.
            I have decided to reflash with OE 6.0.3 to see if that makes any difference.
            That’s for tomorrow but I will let you know how I get on with it.

            Thanks again and best regards

          2. The Kodi team removed OpenVPN from Kodi so it had to be added back in to use Most VPN’s. I have read a little while ago that they are to include it again, but not sure from which release. In that case you will probably not need to install it separately.

          3. Thanks for your response. As soon as I fire up my Wetek Core it immediately goes to PIA TO establish VPN connection. Couldn’t be easier. I also enabled internet kill switch.

        2. There is an addon called VPN Manager that is a spinoff from the VPN for OpenELEC. I will be posting a tutorial in the coming weeks. I think it has more options and may be more reliable? That said I have had very little problems along with many others on here with the MK’s VPN for OpenELEC’s addon.

          1. Hi Dan,

            After installing OpenELEC 6.0.3 it all works perfectly !!

            Thanks again for your support 🙂

  29. Hey Dan really want to thank you for being so responsive. Your help is most appreciated. I have another question. I own a Wetek Core and bot from the SD Card that has LibreELEC installed. Could I install PIA app on the SD Card or will I need to configure PIA from within LibreELEC? I posted in Wetek forum and also PIA forum but not getting help. I ask just in case you might know. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Edro, the addon needed to configure PIA is within your install of Kodi and therefore within LibreElec. So it is on your SD card anyway. Certain routers are compatible with VPN,s. By using a router the VPN will be active with all devices connected to it. You will need to check this out for the router you have if you want to go down that route. I’ve always been put off with this method because it’s not quick to turn it on and off. Unless you want to keep it on permanent.

      1. THANK YOU DAN. guess I’ll be stuck for awhile till I figure this out. I do see The control for configuring PIA in LibreELEC but it kicks out an error when I click on it. Also, configuring at the router level is not possible given the fact that my Apple Airport Extreme serves as my router. Thanks, regardless. You’re awesome!

        1. Thanks! It may be a version conflict. I will be writing another post soon for a new addon for configuring VPN’s. Stay tuned.

          1. I currently have OpenElec running on the NAND but chose to install LibreELEC on the SD Card in case support for OpenElec comes to a halt. This way, I have a solid backup plan. I installed PIA app on the NAND so no need to configure OpenElec. However, the PIA app on the NAND does not protect the SD Card installation as they are separate. That’s why I’m wondering if I can just install PIA app on the SD alongside LibreELEC so that everything on the SD is protected by PIA

          2. I don’t think OpenElec will be going anywhere soon. Unfortunately you will need to setup it up separately as only one instance boots at s time.

  30. I should add that I’ve submitted support requests for both PIA and Wetek in their forums but neither are as responsive or generous as you. Kudos!

  31. I installed both OpenVPN addon and VPN for OpenElec addon from the MetalKettle repository and everything worked great. When I checked VPN Status it indicated the new IP correctly. But after a day, when I connect and clicked VPN Status it did not open the VPN Status dialog but indicated an error had occurred and to check the log. I have not be able to verify the IP address since even though it indicates I am connected. I rebooted several times but it did not fix the issue. Any idea?

    1. Even though you rebooted, try choosing disconnect from the VPN gateway list and reconnect to your selected one. If that doesn’t work, try setting up PIA again as in putting in your user/password. It is odd that it worked and then stopped working though.

  32. Thank you. I disconnected/re-connected and setup PIA again but the VPN Status dialog still does not open even though it indicates it is connected for a selected item. It just throughs and error. As a quick test I configured the same configuration on a separate Pi box and was also not able to open VPN Status dialog.

    1. Hi El, I have tested on a few of my devices and am getting the same result. I can confirm that the actual VPN is still working. I tested it with addons that streams are normally blocked by my VPN. There is a new addon called VPN Manager which has more features and auto connects better. I will be writing a post in the coming week or so to help people install and set it up.

  33. Hello
    I have a raspberry pi 2 and just got a PIA account, I’ve received the email with the username and PW

    and D/L OpenVPN addon and VPN for open elec
    when i go to setup VPN provider I get an ERROR check log
    any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated
    ( the kodi is jarvis and the open elec is the latest version as are the open VPN addon and the
    VPN fro open elc)


      1. I did
        and I have uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted and tried the alternative OpenVPN
        because on the D/L it shows that openVPN is for isnegaard and I have Jarvis
        but that is the latest openVPN so I’m lost * laughs*

          1. yeah it is open elec for kodi
            uninstalled and rebooted after the openVPN no difference
            when I click on setup the PIA it spans a setup file for a second or 2 then stops and I get that error message
            let me look or VPN manager
            thanks again!

    1. Actually Javis already has the openVPN files added back in I think. Try removing your openVPN and see if that helps. If not then you could try an addon called VPN manager. I have been testing it and it seems more reliable and has more features. I will be posting a tutorial very soon.

  34. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for a nice guide. I am trying to find out how to display the external IP which I get from PIA on the Kodi home screen. I have the default confluence skin. Do you have aby tips? Thanks.

  35. Hi Dan! Sorry for my english but i m italian! My question is: what is best server to watch usa channel from Spain? Thank you so much

    1. Hi Fede, depends. Some USA addon will only run in USA so you would need to pick the server that is in USA. There are some Addons that feature USA channels that will work anywhere.

      1. Thank you for your fast answer Dan, very kindly!
        I have a vpn service and i can choose different servers like SF, NY, FL and others… which is the best one for see usa tv abroad? And what are the addons that feature usa channels that will work anywhere? Thanks

    1. Do you have Kodi on the ATV. Did you use Xcode to help install it. The methods on this site won’t work on a ATV. There are a few ways that you can still use a VPN though. Your first option is to look at setting up a VPN on your router if it supports it. The other way is to install a VPN on your desktop or laptop and use the PC as a Wifi hotspot. Then connect the ATV to that. Obviously the downside is you have to have the PC powered on to do this.

  36. Hi Dan,

    When I try to set up private internet access, it looks like the files download, but when they try to extract I get “VPN for OpenELEC error”. I’m trying to install on fire tv, and I’ve updated both openvpn and vpn for openelec. Any thoughts?

  37. When I click on set up vpn nothing happens or on vpn status. But when I click on configure it asked me if I want to disconnect. Does this mean I’m connected to my PIA account?

    1. Hi Mark, please can you confirm your setup. You should get a list of gateway servers. It does not sound like you are connected to the VPN even though it is asking if you want to disconnect.

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