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Kodi VPN Setup – Full Content Access

To get the most from Kodi you will need a Kodi VPN. What VPN stands for is a Virtual Private Network. Having one supplies you with many benefits, the biggest one for our use is it gives us unrestricted access to all websites.

Some internet provides block websites. Many of them are streaming websites. Therefore some of the Addons in Kodi will not work unless you have one. To name a few, Ice films and 1Channel (Primewire) are both likely to be blocked, which are in my opinion 2 of the best with the most content.

There is a solution to this, that is both simple and affordable.

PIA – Kodi VPN

An easy Kodi VPN to setup is PIA, aka Private Internet Access. They have user friendly installers for both Window and Mac OS X, and guides on how to setup on many other devices such as smart phones and Linux systems.  There is no guide specifically for the Raspberry Pi on their site, but luckily for us there is a great Addon called simply PIA for Openelec which makes it very easy to setup. Head over to Raspberry Pi VPN Setup, for a step by step guide. (The latest update for setup is Setup VPN for OpenElec).

Since writing this post a new improved Add-on has been produced by Zomboided call VPN Manager check it out.

Kodi VPN - PIA Private Internet Access

As mentioned, there are other benefits to having a Kodi VPN setup which includes:

  • Anonymity – A VPN tunnel completely hides your identity by changing your IP address to be that of the server from the country of your choice, from the extensive list that is on offer.
  • Uncensored and Unblocked Access – By using the VPN you no longer have restrictions put in place by you internet provider. You have access to the whole true internet. As well as blocked sites, you will also have access to sites otherwise restricted to geographic locations.
  • Increased Security – All your internet traffic is encrypted which improves security and stops hackers.

PIA can be installed on multiple devices at the same time, all under one account. It is great to use when downloading torrents for that piece of mind that you will not be getting a warning letter from your ISP. All torrent sites will also be available to you.

PIA is one of the fastest VPN providers and also one of the cheapest. The price can be as low as $3.33 a month (Approx £2.20), if you take out a years membership. There is also a monthly and a half yearly subscription. PIA takes your privacy very seriously. They keep no logs of any activity, and you can even pay in Bit coin if you wish to.

Once you have it you will be wondering how you managed without it before.

Head over to the Private Internet Access site now to get signed up then come back to see how to setup Kodi VPN on your Raspberry Pi.


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