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Kodi Addon Tutorial

Installing Kodi Addons 10 Easy Steps

Once you have installed your repositories, it’s time to start installing Kodi Addons! You can install as many as you have space for.  Usually you only need a handful at a time, but feel free to install as many as you wish to try them out.  They are very easy to remove.

Just follow these 10 steps, and you will be watching your favorite Movie’s in no time.

Please note. There are different ways to control the Kodi interface on you Raspberry Pi.  These include your TV remote, Bluetooth remotes, Wired keyboards, Wifi keyboards, Bluetooth keyboards, Gamepads, and Smartphone apps. Visit Controlling Kodi on the Raspberry Pi on how to do this. If you do not know how at this point just plug in a USB keyboard and use the arrow keys to move around, Enter to select, Backspace to go back and Esc to go to previous menu or home screen. Here is the full list of keyboard controls. Only the ones mentioned here are needed for this tutorial.

If you have a console game controller lying around, try that!

Tutorial – Installing Kodi Addons

Step 1 – Scroll over to System on the far right and select

Installing Kodi addon step1



Step 2 – Move down to Addons and select

Installing Kodi addons step 2



Step 3 – Move down to Get Addons and select

Installing Kodi addons step 3



Step 4 – Choose your desired repository

Installing Kodi addons step 4



Step 5 – Select which category you want.  I have chosen Video Addons

Installing Kodi addons step 5



 Step 6 – Choose the Addon which you wish to use from the list

Installing addons step 6



Step 7 – Select Install 

Installing addons step 7


Step 8 – It will then go back to the previous screen, and you can see the % of install followed by enabled once it is complete.

Installing addons step 8


Step 9 – Then exit twice so you are back on the home screen. Move left to Videos, and select Add-ons

Installing addons step 9



Step 10 – In here you will see the Addon that you just installed. Select it to launch

Installing addons step 10

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