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Raspberry Pi VPN Setup

Setting up a VPN on the Raspberry Pi can be difficult. It normally involves using programs such as Putty, FileZilla and thermal to send commands, edit and send files.PIA for OpenElec is a great Addon which makes it very easy to setup a Raspberry Pi VPN.

As the name suggests, it uses PIA (Private Internet Access), and works on OpenElec. The Addon can be found within Superrepo, but the true home is in the Metalkettle repository. The Metalkettle repo can be added the same way as Superrepo. The file source you need to add is instead of It can also be added the traditional way by using a ZIP file.

This method is no longer supported on OpenElec 6.0. Head over to the Setup VPN for OpenElec Addon page for the latest

For the best latest Add-on to use please head over to the VPN Manager page

Easy Raspberry Pi VPN setup – Step by Step

In order to use PIA for OpenElec you will first need to first sign up to PIA. For a description of the benefits head over to my PIA page.

1. Once you have your log in details head over to and click on Client Support

PIA Client Support


2. Scroll down to “Go to CLIENT CONTROL PANEL“, click it and enter your username and password that was emailed to you and sign in

PIA Client Sign-in



3. Under “PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS Username and Password”. There is a second User and Password. These are the ones that you will need to put into PIA for OpenElec. If there are not any, or you wish to change them, click on Regenerate Username and Password

PIA Usename & Password


4. Assuming you have added the Addon PIA for OpenElec, in Kodi go to programs and choose the Addon

Raspberry Pi VPN 1


5. Select Setup Private Internet Access

Raspberry Pi VPN 2



6. From the pop up select Continue

Raspberry Pi VPN 3


7. Enter the username from Step 3 and select Done

Raspberry Pi VPN 4


8. Another screen will appear where you input the password from step 3. Select Done

Raspberry Pi VPN 5


9. You will then get a message to confirm that it is all setup

Raspberry Pi VPN 6


10. Select OK, then choose OpenElec Settings. This can be found in the same menu but is also under programs. Move down to Connections and the available locations will populate. This will take several seconds. From here you can select the country you wish to tunnel the VPN through. The closer to you the place is the faster your connection should be

Raspberry Pi VPN 7


11. After choosing one. Select Connect

Raspberry Pi VPN 8


12. It will then connect and give you a new I.P address.

Raspberry Pi VPN 9

That’s all there is to it to settup your Raspberry Pi VPN. You will now have full access to every Addon. Taking away any Geo and IP block restrictions whilst at the same time being completely hidden. If you turn off your Raspberry Pi you will need to repeat steps 10 – 12 again. Enjoy.


Note: The PIA for OpenElec addon is currently not working with the latest version of Kodi Isengard. If you wish to continue using it, please stay on a earlier version such as Frodo or Gotham. There are other ways to get PIA to work in Kodi, but they are more complicated. I will inform you when the addon has been updated, or a fix is released.

Update 21/11/2015: A new version of PIA for OpenElec is now available called VPN for OpenElec and replaces the old one in MettleKettle’s repo. It works with the latest OpenElec 6 which uses Kodi 15.2 Isengard. If you have followed this guide, update OpenElec after and the addon should then also update. As well as PIA VPN there are also 2 others that can now be used. A full guide will follow soon, stay tuned.

Last Update: An updated page can be found by following the link at the top of the page.

37 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi VPN Setup

  1. Why does the addon not appear when adding the metalkettle repo?
    Also tried it via fusion And superrepo but the pia vpn or openelec vpn addons are not showing.
    Please help!

    1. Hi Rav, please see the notes at the bottom of the article. The old addon has been replaced by VPN for OpenElec you should find this in the same MetalKettle repo if you have the latest openelec and Kodi installed. The setup is a little different from the tutorial above, but I have tested and can confirm PIA works great with it. I will add a new tutorial within the next week showing how to set VPN for OpenElec up, but it is similar to the above.
      Hope that helps, any more questions please ask.

      1. Hi Dan
        Yes. Installed OpenElec.
        The pi is still on v14. The android is on v15 – both not showing the addon.
        There are 2 addons showing but they’re not vpn addons. One is jolly Roger cookbook, the other is my ip. That’s it!

        1. If you have the latest OpenElec which is needed then you will have Kodi 15.2 (Isengard). Update through the OpenElec settings in Kodi, or one of the other methods such as droping the update file into the correct folder via SSH. Or you could always go for a fresh install.

      2. Ok Dan – here is what i’ve done step by step on both the Android device and on the Raspberry Pi2.

        Android (Galaxy S4, installed Kodi from Google Play Store): Kodi 15.2 Git 2015-10-27

        System -> File Manager -> Add Source -> -> OK
        System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file -> [point to metal kettle] -> OK
        Wait a minute for add on to complete.
        System -> Settings -> Add-on -> Install from repository -> MetalKettles Addon Repository -> Program add-ons -> ….
        Only see:
        Jolly Roger Cookbook
        My IP

        Nothing else appears under the Program add-ons.

        1. The way most repositories work is that they will display the addons that are compatable with your set up. Are you sure that you are using OpenElec. I am not aware that it is available for the Galaxy S4. OpenElec is the operating system which contains Kodi. If you are installing through the Play Store then your operating system is Andriod, not OpenElec.
          What are you using on the Pi2, If it is Raspbian or the like the addon will not show. Only OpenElec.
          On the Pi download the latest version which is 6.0, write to your SD card, pop it in and then add It should be there. It may help to install OpenVPN from the unofficial OpenElec Repo also. Since the last few versions of Kodi, they have taken this out, although I am not certain it is needed for the addon to show.

          1. Thanks Dan.
            I thought it was OpenElec on the pi due to OpenElec showing under the System menu, but will re check and maybe just reinstall as you’ve described.
            Will keep the you posted on the forum!

  2. Hi
    i am on openlec 6.0.0 and kodi 15.2 raspberry pi 2 set up vpn pia but when connect still shows England where ever you connect to .

  3. Hello, is there a way of VPN/addon autostarting with the OpenElec. Mine OpenElec is on raspberry pi2 and wish to use it with PIA. Does this connection also protects for DNS leak. Thanks

  4. Hello, this is working as described. I have PIA vpn on your addon on PI-2 and openelec 6 with kodi15.2. However, it varies and some occassions it gives error such as 1). script failed to run and sometimes shows 2).connected to a VPN server (in the addon) but when I check the IP through myip addon it shows my ip but then also reports that it is connected to selected VPN server. Restrating the PI again and again appears to solve the errors. I have tried installing few times with all updates openelec but these occurence persists?. Also is there a way to check the dns leak. Thanks

  5. Worked great – running Isengard on a raspberri PI. The only thing that thru me off was the different possible servers did not show up in the connections section but in the addon itself under ‘configure VPN Provider’ .

    Thanks for the setup guide

  6. Ok.
    So I’ve updated to OpenElec 6.0.0 by dropping into the update folder and rebooting.

    All installed well and now on kodi 15.2.

    Tried the above, but still no vpn option.

    Did a search, and open vpn appears but shows incompatible next to it. Confused!!!!!

    So… not sure what else to do other than a fresh new install… but will have to setup the whole network etc again. All data wrt films already watched and favourites will be lost (?)

    Help welcome!

    1. Ok. So, I’ve completely wiped and reinstalled OpenElec.

      Installed the metal kettle repo and it works!

      No idea what was up with the old install.

      But have had to reinstall all other repos etc!


      1. Glad you got there. It would be nice to know what’s happening with the old install, but I know that proves very difficult to define.

  7. Thanks for a very help tutorial. Is there an easy was to make the VPN be turned on automatically on start up? And is there any other way of checking it is working other than checking it’s own settings? Thanks for your help.

    1. The creator of the addon MetalKettle is working on the auto connect to work as it should and I think also warnings of lost connection. Try updating when a newer version is released.

        1. No problem, I’ll test it for you and let you know when it’s working, although there has been reports of the auto connect already working on some setups.

  8. Hi. Thanks for the tutorial. I have one problem though. In OpenElec settings under connections it just shows my wired local IP address. The VPN one isn’t there. In VPN for OpenElec it does say that I am connected to the VPN IP. Which one is correct? I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or not.


    1. Hi Arnold. Since the update to the VPN addon this is the case. As long as your I.P has changed in the check on the addon you should be fine. A good way to double check is to use 1channel, or something else which is normally blocked by your service provider, and see if it shows content. If it does you know it is defiantly working.

  9. I’m running PIA VPN on KODI15.2/OpenELEC6.0 on a RPi2. My only problem is that autoconnect doesn’t work reliably and I often have to connect manually.

    1. When you boot up after setting the VPN up it still says connected sometimes even though it’s not, and you have to reconnect manually. It does this even though the auto start is not on. Have you actually turned on the auto start by pressing your options button/key on the VPN gateway list?

      1. I have VPN auto-connect turned on but sometimes after booting, VPN Status says connection has been made but my IP address has not changed. If I then disconnect/reconnect manually my IP does change.

    1. That’s just the logo for the Addon. The new version did have Vypr for a while, before it caused to many issues. Think it’s still on the PC, but not Pi or WeTek etc.

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