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Setup Live TV on Kodi Amber

Setup live TV on Kodi – PVR IPTV Simple

Kodi (XBMC) has lots of ways to watch and listen to many different forms of entertainment. If you are interested in watching free live TV from all over the world, then you are in luck. It is simple to setup live TV on Kodi. IPTV is becoming popular very fast. Many smart TV’s now have apps that can do the same, but a lot are not as versatile, and you may have to pay to use them.

Kodi has a client built straight into it called PVR IPTV Simple Client that allows you to setup live TV on Kodi easily. By adding a URL link to a M3U file or pointing it to a locally stored file you can have access in no time.

Many of the channels will be in HD, and you can even get program guides for some.

Links can become inactive on some of the major channels. With a good M3U file list, the links are updated frequently to prevent this from happening to often.

Setup live TV on Kodi – 9 easy steps

1. First of all we need to enable the Live TV feature. Select System and then Settings

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 1



2. Select Live TV from the menu

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 2


3. Highlight the Enable at the top

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 2


4. A message will pop up asking you to enable a PVR addon. Select OK

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 4


5. This should take you straight to the relevant addon screen for all the PVR clients. Choose the PVR IPTV Simple Client

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 5


6. Select Enable and the Configure

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 6


7. Under General Location should be on Internet address. Select M3U Playlist URL

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 7


8. This is where you enter the URL location for the channel lists. These can be found by searching on the internet. Some are better that others. I will supply you with some to get you started below under Setup Live TV on Kodi – M3U lists. Enter the address in full including the http:// and select done

Note: Do not use the url’s in the screenshots. They will not work.

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 8


9. Ensure Cache m3u at local storage is unchecked and select OK

Setup live TV on Kodi Step 9


10. That is all there is to it to setup live TV on Kodi. By restarting Kodi (or disabling and re-enabling the addon), you should see Live TV appear on the main menu. If the m3u list you are using is broken then you will not see TV on the menu.

TV on menu


With some skins the TV may not show on the menu without adjusting the skins settings. This tutorial uses the default skin Confluence. A good skin to use, and one of my personal favourites is the Amber skin (see feature image at the top for an example). You will find Amber more visually pleasing, but some menu items are in different places and takes a little while to get use to.

Setup Live TV on Kodi – M3U lists

These are URL links to some m3u channel lists that I have sourced from various websites.

Some are updated more frequently than others, in which case more channels will work.

Add these in Step 9 (please note these may become outdated, see comments for newer IPTV channel lists.)
Sometimes you will find lists that are ZIP files. These need to be uncompressd put on a local drive that your device can see and pointed to its location in steps 8-9. With a PC this is not a problem, but with other devices such as the Raspberry Pi, you will need to connect to it via your laptop or desktop, and upload the file to the device, or setup a shared drive that it can see. Another simpler alternative is to put the file onto a USB drive and plug that into the Pi, and copy it to a folder that way.

Setup Live TV on Kodi – Paid IPTV Subscriptions

Free M3u list are great because they are free, but they can be unreliable sometimes, and will need changing if channel links become broken. Another alternative to setup live TV on Kodi is paid IPTV subscriptions. These normally come in the form of a M3u list file which you can point to within IPTV Simple. A great source of paid M3u subscriptions is Ebay, have a look at these 

IPTV subscriptions come in many forms. 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year etc. Some sellers also offer a free test line to show you the quality of their streams. The sellers on Ebay generally include instructions on how to add the m3u list. Ensure that in the description they mention Xbmc or Kodi and it should work fine. Many will come with a full EPG included.

 are very reasonably priced considering the amount of channels you will receive. In many cases this will be many channels you would normally have to pay a lot more for, with a years subscription costing what just one month would normally cost for similar packages.

Bearing this in mind, and the piece of mind that the channels are reliable, it is a defiantly worth considering.

You will probably need to point IPTV Simple to where you have placed the file that you download after purchase. This is done at step 7 above. Instead of choosing remote path, you will need to choose local, then browse to the folder you have placed the file in.

If you are using a laptop or desktop then placing the file in a suitable place is easy because it can be anywhere on your network. If you are using devices such as Wetek boxes, Raspberry Pi’s or Andriod boxes, then you will need to place the file in a location accessible by Kodi. There are lots of ways you can do this such as a Samba share, ftp, or using programs like Putty and FileZilla from your Windows or OSX devise. Another option would be to pop the file onto a usb pen drive and put in one of the USB slots on your kodi device. You can then copy the file over to Kodi using File Manager within Kodi.

Setup live TV on Kodi – EPG – Electronic Program Guide

Some M3U lists come with EPG’s. To add them it is similar to the way you would add a new channel list.

In the configure screen as in Step 7 above, choose EPG settings and do the same as you did for the channel set up but put the URL for the EPG into the XMLTV URL. (Please note that the example in the screenshot may not work, you will need to search for them on the internet)

Again ensure the Cache at local storage is unchecked.

Setup live TV on Kodi EPG


Some EPG’s are set in a different time zone.  If this happens, use the EPG Time Shift setting to move the hours accordingly.

You should be able to access working links without a VPN. However if you want to be completely hidden and have full access to all Addon content then you should consider PIA. Please head over to Kodi VPN Setup – Full Content Access for all the details.

If you have any questions please ask.


67 thoughts on “Setup live TV on Kodi – PVR IPTV Simple

  1. Nice tutorial! thanks!

    In Live TV, photo in step 8 has “pastebin” misspelled, hopefully people will catch that as they’re corrected in the text below.

    Also, I couldn’t seem to get anything to load on the url maybe it takes time to load?

    Running Pi2 helix OpenElec 5.08

    Thanks, Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin. Thanks for spotting the typo. I will update the screenshot. It isn’t advisable to use the example in the pic because the url links can change. I will source some better ones and put them up on the page.

    1. It is best to find a EPG that is made for the exact m3u channel list that you have. If you use another it should still work, but will only pick out the channels which match. Again I will try and source some good ones for everyone. Glad things are working for you. Just a case of some good url’s now.

      1. All links should work the same world wide. The links on the tutorial will be outdated now so you will need to find new ones. Alternatively you can try a paid one from eBay which will save the hassle of finding new ones.

        1. So I did everything going n only 87 channels popped up but none are opening up. How do I get more channels And get them to work?

          1. Which device are you using. You may need to buy the MPEG licence if you are using a raspberry Pi. Although it is probably that the list you are using no longer works.

        2. Thanks Dan, it’s kind of frustrating how quick links expire. Be great for an app or software of sorts to automatically update them

    1. The only EPG link on this page is the one in the screen shot. It is more for an example and you may find it not working 100% anymore. All the other links apart from the logo one are for m3u lists. There are probably more up to date lists that are more reliable by now. A Google search for them should help you out. The most stable m3u lists tend to be paid ones

  2. Another site for uploading playlists is, they support the raw feature for direct access to the paste.
    The use as the format.

  3. Was looking for new and updated m3u playlist url if there is any the ones i tried dont work or only has 1 ch am i doing somthing wrong

      1. Would definitely appreciate any new play lists that are available. I loved this until I lost all the TV channels two nights ago!

      2. Hi Dan C,

        i have a question. I am using Live TV with the settings above. I have one problem all the time. When i am watching a (PVR) live tv channel it is stuttering some times (mainly by 720,1080 channels). i have a android mxiii-g (2gb) box. i tried it with advancedsettings, but without a result:

        so what can i do?

        1. A lot of factors can effect the reliability of the streams of iptv. Such as your internet speed, heavy traffic accessing the lists, the hosts computer/servers etc. It may not be a problem with your setup. I’d suggest trying a differ m3u list. If the HD channels work with testing then you know it is not your setup. Finding good reliable lists can be difficult sometimes with people not wanting to share them because to many people accessing one can have the problem described. Hope that helps you a bit.

          1. Hi Dan,

            my internet is 50 mbs. My m3u list works well on my pc without buffer/stutter issues. The problem is the PVR client/Kodi. these are my settings in Kodi: I have a mxiii-G box (with 2 gb of RAM)



            By using these settings, the buffering decrease a little bit. with these settings i am creating another problem; the subtitles in genesis en phoenix doesn’t show up. i can choose the subtitle watching a film, its downloading the subtitle but it doesn’t appear. when i delete the advancedsettings.xml the subtitle does appear. so my problems:):

            – pvr buffering/stuttering
            – with the above settings subtitle does not appear

          2. Hi Dan,

            my internet is 50 mbs. My m3u list works well on my pc without buffer/stutter issues. The problem is the PVR client/Kodi. these are my settings in Kodi: I have a mxiii-G box (with 2 gb of RAM)

            buffermode> 1
            readbufferfactor> 80
            cachemembuffersize> 393216000

            I removed the < otherwise it doesn't show up in my comment.

            By using these settings, the buffering decrease a little bit. with these settings i am creating another problem; the subtitles in genesis en phoenix doesn't show up. i can choose the subtitle watching a film, its downloading the subtitle but it doesn't appear. when i delete the advancedsettings.xml the subtitle does appear. so my problems:):

            – pvr buffering/stuttering
            – with the above settings subtitle does not appear

          3. Not owning a mxiii-G box, it is hard to comment on the best way to resolve the stuttering issues. Is there anyone who owns one that can point G in the right direction? How does it act with no Advancedsettings. Is it at its worst? Have you tried using an Ethernet cable on the mxiii-G box. If you are using Wifi then that’s another factor that could be effecting the stream quality.

  4. Dan C,
    Thanks for your invaluable info.
    Besides the above, do you have any updated m3u playlist with epg guide for USA and UK channels?

    Thanks and God Bless.

      1. Hi Dan, my Kodi does not has Live TV. I want to install from Zip File but i do not know the http address to add on. Could u please assist and inform the correct http address for PVR Client.

        There is no Live TV in my Kodi..only has TV but require to install PVR Client which i dont have it in my Kodi.

        1. Jodi comes with the required addon called PVR Simple Client. Are you using OpenElec/Librelec? If so if it’s missing you should be able to add it from their repository. If you mean it is missing from the home menu then it wil nort show until you add a working M3U list via the addon.

    1. There are addons that can do this, but I have not tested them. Another way to add multiple m3u playlists is to install multiple iptv simple clients. Save the zip file for the client and make duplicates of it, giving each one a different name. For example add anumber at the end for each one. You then install from zip and choose each one in turn. Then go to disabled addons and enable each one. You can then add a different list to each one and they will all appear under the one place under TV on the menu screen.

  5. I am no expert and I was struggling to activate IPTV. Your tutorial has solved my problems. I am now eagerly awaiting new lists. Many thanks for your expertise.

    1. The links on this page are a bit old now so not many will still be active. A Google search for the specific country/area that you want should bring up some newer ones. Good free ones can be hard to find sometimes. Joining a forum or paid lists are the most reliable.

  6. I’m trying to do this, but when i reload my kodi app, it bring up the message to say that there is no addon enabled, I go back into it and the addon has been disabled again? am I doing something wrong? is it the link i’m putting in? i’m in the UK.

  7. Has anybody got a m3u playlist URL that includes UK TV stations that is working at the moment? I’ve got the stations listed on the TV channels page, but none will run.

      1. Thank, been trying there for the last couple of days, no success so far. Can only get some non-uk stations to work

  8. i want to watch live indian tv channels.for htis i had installed kodi on my rpi.i want m3u link for it .i tried pasting my m3u link which i made through pastbin.but it does not work.can any one give a link that is working

  9. hi dan, i’m new to all this techno wizardry but i’ve managed to setup kodi on my laptop and tablet relatively smoothly but this pvr thingy has me stumped. i’ve followed your instruction and tv shows up on the banner with all the other things and when i go in to channels they are all there but they won’t play, the wee whirly thing goes round for a minute or two then stops. am i missing something? im in the uk and using a vpn if that would make a difference. your tutorial is clear and precise, just don’t know where i’m going wrong lol.

    1. It sounds like you have set it up correctly, but the M3U list is outdated. The problem with free m3u lists is that the list are not always maintained and links become broken. Searching google can find you some good lists. Paid ones from EBay are reliable but of course at a cost.

  10. I have PVR IPTV Simple Clint set up as you described in Kodi 16.1 running on a Matricom q-Box, with a working playlist m3u for most channels. My problem is that when selecting a working channel, it loads and plays for about 25 seconds, then quits and the next channels loads and plays. The sequence is repeated, channel after channel. I have tried playlists from Pastebin, my own as TXT files, M3u files, but all give the same problem.
    I tried a 6 hour test from a commercial site, loaded into PVR Simple Client, internet access and it worked fine. The selected channels stayed put. Can anyone help me out for a solution???

        1. I am having the same problem running on Raspberry Pi 3 using Simple Client. After 25 seconds or so the stream cuts out. This is with great streaming happening so it doesn’t look to be a buffering problem. Any ideas?

          1. I do not have the MPEG-2 licence installed but why would that make a difference? Are these videos from the m3u URL really streaming as MPEG-2 coded files?

          2. I do believe that some streams are MPEG-2. What I would do is try the list on a different iptv client first. If it’s the same on that one then I would purchase the licence. It is a small price and helps with a lot of other streams.

  11. Hi Dan,

    Although your tutorial looks simply amazing, I already have a simple client set up that I added through the Local Setup configuration and don’t really want to mess with that because it works and you know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And I had to go through a lot of broke ones and bad tutorials to no avail.

    So what do I want? Good question. Is there any way that I can set up more than one Simple Client? And then if you happen to have the instructions already online – be able to select which one I want to use when I bring up the TV menu on Kodi. (Like you do in video). I’m still using Kodi 16. I realize that all the menu options may not look the same pending what version of 16 but that’s cool, I can kind of figure what I’m doing.

    Any help would be appreciate! Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Kimberly, there is a way to combine multiple lists and also a way to run multiple Simple Clients. The thing is both ways result in them showing in the same list under TV on the menu.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to respond and sorry on my tardiness, the result of too many emails.

        So I understand what you’re saying on this but to clarify, if SC1 have X channels and SC2 Y has different channels would SC1 and SC2 merge and produce one channel list XY?
        And the list I found – Israel TV has millions of channels – is there a another way other than deleting them one by one to filter what you want to keep?

        It’s a bit of a process getting rid of each one – thank goodness I over exaggerated and there isn’t really a million to get rid of but it feels like it.

        Thank you!

        1. Yes your SC xy analysis is correct for the techniques I know. How are you importing your channels. If you have a local m3u file you can delete the unwanted channels from source which would be much quicker than what I assume to be through the Kodi interface.

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