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Superrepo setup

Superrepo Kodi (xbmc) – How to setup

Superrepo is the best resource there is for quickly installing Addons.  It has a collection of nearly all of them. By setting up Superrepo Kodi, you will not need to find individual repositories, and install them individually. Once added, Addons will update automatically. Un-supported Addons for your version of Kodi will not be available on the lists which ensures no compatibility issues.

Tutorial – How to install Superrepo Kodi

You will only need to do these steps the first time you use Superrepo.

Step 1 – Scroll over to System and choose File Manager

Superrepo Kodi - Step 1


Step 2 – Select Add Source from the menu on the left

Superrepo Kodi - Step 2


Step 3 – Select the box that says None

Superrepo Kodi - Step 3


Step 4  Then type in Then select Done

Superrepo Kodi - Step 4


Step 5 – Select Enter a name for this media source. you can put what you want such as Superrepo or SRP. Then choose OK

Superrepo Kodi - Step 5

It will appear on the right hand menu with the name you gave it in Step 5.


Tutorial – Installing Repositories from Superrepo Kodi

You will only need to do these steps the first time you use Superrepo.

Once Superrepo  has been added, you can install the Repository


Step 1 – From the home screen select System, settings then Addons

Superrepo Kodi Step 1b


Step 2 – Select Install from ZIP

Superrepo Kodi - Step 2b


Step 3 – This will bring up all your resources. Choose the one that you added for Superrepo

Superrepo Kodi - Step 3b


Step 4 – Select the folder for the version of Kodi you are using

Superrepo Kodi - Step 4b


Step 5 – From here you can install specific category repositories, or all of them at once. I recommend going to the folder called Repositories so you can install them all at once

Superrepo Kodi Step - 5b


Step 6 – Select the zip file you wish to Add. Normally there is one for all with a version number on, and one that says latest. Add them both if you wish.

Superrepo Kodi - Step 6b



Tutorial – Installing Addons from Superrepo Kodi

Once you have added Superrepo through file manager and added the Repository, the only steps you will need to do from now are in the tutorial Installing Kodi Addons 10 Easy Steps.


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